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Check Valve - Non Return Valve

Functional overview

What is a check valve ? Primary function is

  • Permit free flow in one direction, prevent flow in the reverse direction. Usually used on return line before reservoir.

Check valves can also

  • Be opened using pilot pressure
  • Be closed using pilot pressure
  • Incorporate thermal relief

Ball Check Valve

Check valve function

  • Free flow from port 1 to port 2
  • Checked from port 2 to port 1
  • Simple construction (D02B2, D04B2)
  • Ball used on lower flow versions (<160 l/min)
  • Softseat
  • Rated to 420 bar
  • Low leakage (<3 drops / minute)
Check valve symbol

Check valve types

Poppet Check Valves

  • Poppets used on larger flow check valves (up to 550 l/min)
  • Normally nose-side but some side-nose (above left)
  • Low leakage (<3 drops / minute)
  • Low pressure drop (D06B2P below)

Insert Style Check Valves

  • For integration in-line within a manifold
  • High flow capacity for size
  • Simple construction

Pilot to open D4A020

  • Can be used to lock a dual acting cylinder
  • Flow from 1 to 2 is checked until sufficient pilot pressure is applied at 3
  • Same cavity as LCV E2*020 – can be used as a low cost alternative in some applications

Pilot to close

  • D5A055(85 l/min) / D5A040 (40 l/min)
  • No pilot pressure;
  • Valve allows free flow from 1 to 2
  • Pilot pressure applied at 3;
  • Ball retained on seat - no flow

It is used to allow regenerative flow in cylinder applications.

Pilot to close application

Check Valve with thermal relief

  • Check valve with relief for thermal effects or pressure spikes
  • Compact single cavity design – 7/8” thread

Check mode;

  • Free flow from 1 to 2
  • No flow from 2 to 1
  • 72l/min @ 7 bar dP
  • Check leakage <3 drops/min
Check Valve with thermal relief

Check valve cross reference table is below for different manufacturers.

Dual PO Check manifold

Dual Pilot operated manifold can be cost effective when compared to pilot operated check valves

Typical application to lock cylinders with open centre control valves, e.g. stabilizer legs.

Single and dual check options offered (PP02, PP04 or PP06 depending on flow required).

Dual Pilot Check Valve Manifold
Check Valve - Non Return Valve

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