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GripSeal Quick Connectors

With over a decade of experience in the test industry, GripSeal has specialized in the development and manufacture of quick connectors for a wide range of industries and applications, such as: automated production, Compressed gas, process control, new energy automotive, air conditioning and refrigeration(HVAC-R), medical device manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, etc., where tens of thousands of manufacturers have chosen GripSeal quick connectors. GripSeal enhances productivity for users, which improves production output and thus boosts profitability.

GripSeal quick connectors are available in a wide range of products to offer solutions for the various types of tubes, bores, interfaces and threads. There are as many as nearly 1,000 standard models, allowing users to directly follow the selection manual and opt for the standard product that is appropriate for their needs and replacement of WEH and FasTest. Meanwhile, GripSeal is equipped with a professional R&D team, which has the expertise to deliver customized solutions for all kinds of abnormal-shaped fittings.

Ranging from raw materials to finished product testing, GripSeal quick connectors have undergone strict control in all aspects, with superior quality, and have enjoyed a favorable reputation in the industry.

GripSeal quick connectors are distinguished from the industry's typically long lead times by the availability of 80% of standard products in the stock, which significantly enhances the stability of the users' production line operations.

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Application case of quick sealing joint for new energy Battery Pack case:

New energy battery PACK case quick sealing joint

Client needs

The manufacturer customer in the industry is a high-tech private enterprise with three major industrial groups of IT, automobile and new energy. New energy vehicles are its key development direction. Automobile batteries are one of the technologies of new energy. New energy batteries are mainly used for testing. Focus on two, one is the electrical performance test, the other is the sealing test. When doing the air tightness test of the battery pack case, the customer encountered a very tedious problem, that is, various interfaces on the casing need to be sealed, such as high-voltage interface, cable interface, explosion-proof valve interface, etc., and the interface specifications are different. , requires the use of special quick-seal joints.

Application case of quick sealing joint for new energy battery PACK case

An Introduction

Through the contact and understanding between sales engineers and customers, we provide customers with GripSeal quick sealing connector solutions. Customized G25 sealing joint is used to seal various high-voltage interfaces and cable interfaces. G25 series is an internal expansion type quick joint, which can seal various inner holes and pipe holes. ;G80 series quick connectors are used to block waterproof vents. G80 is a sealing connector for internal threads, which can be used for high-pressure air tightness testing of various auto parts.

Solution advantage

Realize fast sealing connection, complete connector models, simple operation, and improve test efficiency.

Client feedback

The use of GripSeal quick-sealing joints for battery pack testing significantly reduces the operator's labor intensity and reduces the risk of misjudgment of the test. One second connection, instant sealing, very satisfied with Gripseal's products and services.

Application case of quick sealing joint for new energy battery PACK case

Application expansion

GripSeal quick-sealing joints can also be applied to other test items of new energy vehicles, such as motor cooling water inlet sealing test, battery pack cooling water plate, electric control box and corresponding braking system, heat dissipation, axle, steering gear, pipeline , pump valve and other rapid sealing test.

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GripSeal Quick Connectors

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