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What is a shuttle valve?

Shuttle valve function is illustrated in below shuttle valve animation.

Available shuttle valve types in the market:

Shuttle valve types

Ball Type Shuttle Valve Example KSWA3

  • Compact design for in-line design within a manifold
  • Highest pressure inlet (1 or 3) is connected to outlet (2).
  • Lowest pressure inlet is closed by ball.
  • Low leakage (<3 drops/min)
  • Rated to 420bar
  • Larger (increased capacity) poppet version K2A005 also available
KSWA3 Poppet Valve Compact Design

Typical application for ball type shuttle valve

SpoolType Shuttle Valve Example K04B/D3

  • Port1 connected to port 2 unless sufficient pressure applied to port 3
  • Available with spring offset (K04B3) or without (K04D3)
  • Can be used in motor brake release (see below)
  • When pump is off, pressure at port 1 = zero and brake is applied.
  • When pump is running and spool load due to pressure at port 1 is greater than spring load, brake is released.
Typical application

Cross reference list for some brands of shuttle valves are as below.

What is a shuttle valve?

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