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What mobile applications use hydraulic fan drives?

  • Off-road vehicles ( bulldozers, back-hoes e.t.c.)
  • Agriculture
  • Trains ( Engine & Transmission Cooling & Air Conditioning)
  • Military Vehicles 
  • On-Road vehicles ( buses, trucks?? e.t.c.)

Why Use Hydraulic Fan Drive ?

Some application cool themselves with their transport speed (trucks) but some machines are static (excavators) so need "forced" ventilation.

It is strange to have a 300 HP engine rev-up for a 10 HP cooling requirement. It is an energy waste and adds-up to heat into the system.

Noise reduction and efficiency improvements require proportional control for the fan speed.

Other reasons to use a hydraulic fan drive system are:

  • On some machines maximum fan speed is only required approximately 5% of time.
  • Some zones are hotter than others can 'grab' control.
  • Overheating damages the connected systems and components.
  • Under cooling reduces engine efficiency and life.
  • Over-cooling prevents correct vaporization of fuel. Reduces combustion efficiency, wasted fuel and emissions.
  • You can reverse the fan direction to clean the fan.
Fan drive systems
Direct and Pulley Belt Drive Mounting and Disadvantages
Remote Fan Drive Mounting and Advantages
Remote Drive Fan System

Hydraulic Fan Drive Systems are used in systems for 3 main reasons:

1-Reduce Engine Emissions

  • Use less fuel
  • Runs at correct temperature
  • High speed fan only when required
  • Easier to meet Tier 3 & 4 engine emission standards
  • Cooling profiles - different machines or areas

2-Increase Cooling System Efficiency

  • Cooling on demand. No parasitic losses.
  • Higher cooling at low or idle engine RPM.
  • High power to weight ratio.
  • Located anywhere in target application.
  • Improved air flow through radiator.
  • Reversible - purge clogged radiators.

3-Increase Vehicle Productivity

  • Frees up horse power. Here you can see efficiency improvement figures.
  • Reduced noise levels to meet new global legislations
  • Less down time, high reliability component life cycles
  • Less costly system maintenance
  • No pulleys/belts to tighten or replace

Choosing correct circuit and products for hydraulic fan drive system is crucial.

Circuit Types can be

  • Standalone
  • Integrated/Combined
  • Known Patent Issues

Motor Types

  • Gear
  • Vane
  • Piston

Pump Types

Fixed Displacement

  • Gear
  • Vane
  • Piston

Variable Displacement

  • Piston

Fan drive Manifold Blocks

  • Standalone
  • Integrated


  • Dedicated
  • Generic
Fan Drive System Architecture
Fan Drive Pump Types

What mobile applications use hydraulic fan drives?

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