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Mechanical Training Resource

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Mechanical Training Resource

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Contains 100 courseware in six major directions, including hydraulic foundation, mechanical design, cutting processing, testing technology, construction machinery, and drones

The mechanical MR teaching curriculum resources support the display of multimedia tags, and intuitively mark the names of each part, so that the learning content is clear at a glance.
It also supports the 3D model disassembly function, and the mechanical resources can be gradually dismantled during use, so as to understand the internal structure of the machine, which is intuitive and safe, and saves money. In addition, two people can interact and collaborate and study together in small groups.

Hydraulics Basics

Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic pump

Hydraulic valve

Principle of hydraulic pump suction device

Venturi flowmeter experiment

Reynolds flow experiment

Pneumatic actuator

Pneumatic control element

Machine Design

Combination mechanisms

Intermittent mech.

Cam mech.

Single moving mech.

Turnover system

Gear drive

Spatial four-bar mech.

Application of connecting rod machine



6140 Turning Mill


Milling machine

Boring machine

Wound bed

Slotting machine

Grinding machine

Drilling machine

Test Technology

High pressure box

A magnetic stirrer

Laser velocimeter

Reference platform

Multichannel electrochemical workstation

Mechanical pump

Air compressor

Button battery tablet press

Blue battery test system

Construction Machinery

Motorcycle engine 


Rotary cultivator

Combine harvester

Excavating machinery

Tower crane

Wet spraying machine

Dump truck



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Drone cognition

Drone assembly 

Drone Disassembly Drone flight test

Mechanical Training Resource
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