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MR Training Set

MR - Mixed Reality

MR Training Set

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MR Headset - Touch Controller Specs

1. Main control platform: Qualcomm snapdragon 835, GPU: Qualcomm ®  Adreno ™  540 GPU

2. Storage: ≥ 6 + 64GB, supporting 128G expansion.

3. Support distance (wearing) sensing. After removing the head display, it supports sleep and shutdown to save power consumption.

4. Camera: front 13 million HD camera, supporting auto focus. Reserved real scene shooting, face recognition and QR code scanning function expansion.

5. Battery life ≥ 1.5 hours, charging time less than 2 hours, support fast charging, and can charge 80% in 1 hour. It can be charged only when it is turned off to ensure charging safety.

6. Battery: high voltage 3.8V polymer lithium battery, battery capacity ≥ 3680mah, indicator light indicating power and charging state, standby battery replaceable, and standby battery can be charged separately.

7. Display: 5.5-inch LCD, resolution: 1440 * 2560, screen brightness: 450cd / m ² Display color: 24bit true color (16.7M), frame rate 60fps, and the screen is protected by glass cover plate.

8. Wireless connection: WiFi 2.4g/5g, supporting 802.11b/g/n/ad/ac protocol; BT5.0

9. Audio: dual speaker customized sound cavity, 3.5mm headphone interface, dual digital silicon microphone, noise reduction and pickup, connected to third-party software to support speech recognition.

10. Interface: usb-c charging and data transmission, micro USB 2.0 reserved for expansion, other external devices (such as gesture recognition), T-Flash card holder.

11. Spatial calculation: head 6DOF spatial calculation and positioning, which can identify the user's spatial position and head orientation in the scene, support automatic correction and anti drift, and realize spatial positioning of super large scene; The 6DOF spatial calculation and positioning of the hand can identify the spatial position and attitude information of the user's hand and interact with the virtual object in space.

12. Supporting Mr handle * 2, positioning identification module * 3, power adapter, etc

MR Training Set
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