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VR Interactive Hydraulic Training

Basics of Hydraulics - zSpace Screen

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VR Interactive Hydraulic Training

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VR Interactive Training Software for Hydraulics

1、 Product overview

VR interactive teaching software of hydraulic control technology is a classroom application software for the teaching of professional basic courses of machinery and equipment manufacturing specialty in the stage of undergraduate education and vocational education.

The software consists of 3D model, my course, training and other modules.The 3D model includes four modules: power element, actuator, control element and auxiliary element.The software contains 330 3D interactive boutique model resources, built-in 16 loop construction tasks, covers more than 90% of the basic teaching knowledge points of hydraulic and pneumatic control technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, strengthens the learning of theoretical knowledge, and provides a professional and efficient practical operation and learning environment.


2、 Scope of application

3、 Functional features

(1) Wide adaptability and flexible compatibility: suitable for desktop VR interactive devices and notebook VR interactive devices.

(2) Integration of theory and practice, realistic scene:The virtual simulation practice and principle teaching are integrated, and some principle modules are equipped with three-dimensional animation of real-life application scenes, so as to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

(3) Personalized settings, as you like:Hydraulic circuit task construction, fully realize the layout and connection in the process of circuit construction, let students explore and strengthen theoretical knowledge.

(4) Efficient practical operation, professional application:The software restores the high-precision model by 1:1, combined with the 360 degree three-dimensional teaching outline to restore the real professional practical operation environment, so as to make the practical operation learning efficient and applicable.

4、 Software sample

Example 1.

Through three-dimensional animation, the process of converting pressure energy into mechanical energy by single acting hydraulic cylinder is dynamically displayed.


Example 2

Visually and clearly show that the internal structure of the pilot relief valve is composed of pilot and main valve.


Example 3

A virtual scene is constructed to visually present the process of changing the liquid flow direction of the directional valve by using the relative motion between the valve core and the valve body.


Example 4

Teachers can build the hydraulic circuit in the hydraulic training module according to the teaching needs.


VR Interactive Hydraulic Training
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