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hydraulic manifold

Custom HIC (Hydraulic Integrated Circuit)

Manifold Design

With its high-quality and exquisite design ability and the processing quality of advanced equipment, MCS's is manufacturing a variety of custom HIC(Hydraulic Integrated Circuit) manifold blocks and valve groups to meet the various requirements of different customers. MCS technical team expertise enables our company's hydraulic valve blocks to be more modular, integrated, and functional.

If you want to know more about our manifold block, you can contact MCS team is ready to meet your needs!

  1. We accurately select the valve parts and determine the design schematics according to the needs of customers and actual working conditions.
  2. Design the manifold block according to the design scheme.
  3. We use a full set of CNC machining facilities to process the hydraulic manifold machining.
  4. Senior assembly personnel shall clean and install the manifold block.
  5. 100% of all integrated valve groups have passed the test bench commissioning and quality inspection to ensure product quality in the whole process.

hydraulic manifold

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AR(Augmented Reality) View

of your manifold

After you finish designing your manifold, a state-of-the-art viewing method such as AR, can be used to review your design. Below is an example AR view for a HIC manifold.

Click AR badge on top right corner and scan the pop-up QR code or open this blog on iPhone, or Android and click on the AR badge in top right corner to see it in Augmented Reality.

Send your manifold stp file for AR view


Hydraulic System Projects

MCS has carried out many large-scale non-standard hydraulic system projects in domestic and international markets, such as TBM machine for Hong Kong sewage treatment project, shield machine for Singapore metro project, shield machine for India metro project, shield machine for metro project in many domestic cities and IHC washing platform in the Netherlands. With the support of strong design technology and production team, mokenshi has successfully completed various projects, Get unanimous praise from customers.
Other main projects: customized hydraulic power station, 700m Lane ro ro ship hydraulic system, 30 sets of 2.2MW wind power lubrication system exported to Japan, hydraulic system of cement grate cooler, hydraulic system of packer, hydraulic system of dredger, transfer pump station, flushing pump station, hydraulic station and hydraulic cylinder for straightener, hydraulic system of pre press, hydraulic station for internal burr cutting equipment, Reconstruction of hydraulic station of exploration ship, hydraulic system for shear butt welding machine and uncoiler, and hydraulic system for deburring assembly.
If you want to know more about our hydraulic system project, please contact markensch. Our team is ready to meet your needs!


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